Congresswoman Haley Stevens

"Anne Marie delivers for people by being inclusive. She is also a woman in STEAM, which is really quite amazing. When I think of leadership that we can trust and work alongside, that's Anne Marie and everything that she embodies. Anne Marie embraces challenges, as every successful woman does. Vote for Anne Marie for Supervisor."

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel

"I endorse Anne Marie for Supervisor. Anne Marie brings with her the experience of advocating for her community for over 25 years. Her work in diversity and inclusion initiatives, restorative youth justice, opioid and suicide prevention programs, identity theft prevention seminars, and other progressive initiatives, demonstrates her commitment to advocacy on behalf of the residents of Canton and southeastern Michigan."

State Representative Kristy Pagan

It's time for a new leader in Canton. We need someone who understands the challenges of our township and the struggles our families face. Someone who has a proven track record of success and a longstanding dedication to making Canton the best place to live, work and raise our kids. We need a new approach to improving our community; a Supervisor who unites us, not divides us, and brings fresh ideas to the decision making table. That leader is Anne Marie. Join me in voting for Anne Marie Graham-Hudak by mail or in person on August 4, 2020.

LiUNA - Laborers International Union of North America - Local 1191

We are honored to be supported by the working men and women of LiUNA. We have worked side-by-side with them in getting people out to vote for Democrats in 2020! The Laborers' International Union of North America is an American and Canadian labor union formed in 1903. As of 2017, they had about 500,000 members, about 80,000 of whom are in Canada

State Senator Dayna Polehanki

I am proud to endorse Canton Trustee Anne Marie Graham-Hudak for Canton Supervisor. Anne Marie's dedication to this community combined with her passion for technology, commitment to sustainability and knowledge of community planning will serve Canton residents well into the future.

Michigan Building and Construction Trades Council

Our first major endorsement from an organization. Thank you to the Greater Detroit Building and Construction Trades Council for supporting our campaign to #MoveCantonForwardTogether This organization represents the interests of 35,000 building trade union workers in Southeast Michigan. Thank you to organized labor for your support and for building America, Michigan, and Canton! Members Include: Asbestos Abatement Workers Regional Local 207 Boilermakers Local 169 Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers Local 2 Elevator Constructors Local 36 Heat and Frost Insulators Local 25 International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 58 Iron Workers Local 25 Laborers Local 1076 Laborers Local 1191 Millwrights Local 1102 Michigan Regional Council of Carpenters and Millwrights Operating Engineers Local 324 Operative Plasters and Cement Masons Local 514 Painters District Council 1M/Glaziers & Glassworkers Local 357 Pipe Fitters Local 636 Plumbers Local 98 Roofers Local 149 Sheet Metal Workers Local 80 Sheet Metal Workers Local 292 Sign, Pictorial and Display Workers Local 591 Sprinkler Fitters 704 Teamsters Local 247

Fems for Dems

Fems for Dems is pleased to endorse Anne Marie Graham-Hudak for Canton Township Supervisor. Thank you so much for this honor!

SMART Sheet Metal Workers' Local 80

Our second union endorsement !!! Thank you to the Sheet Metal Workers' Local 80 PAC for supporting our campaign to #MoveCantonForwardTogether This organization was established in 1963 and represents the interests of six counties in Michigan: Wayne, Oakland, Macomb, Washtenaw, St. Clair and Sanilac. Their 1600 members are part of the building and construction trades. Thank you to organized labor for your support and for building America, Michigan, and Canton and pitching in during the COVID pandemic and helping our neighbors!

Pipefitters Local 636

Thank you to the Pipefitters, Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Service Local Union 636 for their formal endorsement. This organization was established in 1889! UA members (plumbers, pipefitters, sprinklerfitters, refrigeration fitters, and service technicians) are involved in just about every aspect of construction involving piping from the space program to nuclear power houses to refineries to shipbuilding. UA craftsmen ply their skills in commercial, industrial and residential arenas. They may be found on jobsites involving single family homes, garden and high-rise apartment buildings, large and small office buildings, power plants, chemical installations and factories. Thank you to organized labor for your support and for building America!

Bricklayers & Allied Craftworkers Local 2 of Michigan

Thank you so much for the endorsement of Brickerlayers & Allied Craftworkers Local 2 of Michigan. Union Trowel Trades workers have been Building Metropolitan Detroit for over 100 years. Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers Local # 1 of Michigan, which was established May 31, 1994, was originally four separate locals. Bricklayers Local #2 of Detroit was the oldest local union established November 11, 1897. Thank you to the hard working men and women that belong to this time honored union!

Iron Workers Local Union No. 25

Thank you to the Iron Workers Local Union No. 25 for their endorsement! This union represents the International Association of Bridge, Structural, Ornamental and Reinforcing Iron Workers. Thank you also for all of the assistance you provided to our communities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Canton Treasurer Dian Slavens

Anne Marie is not afraid to ask the tough questions yet work together to solve problems. Her ideas and experience qualify her for Supervisor. She will be a fighter for all of Canton Township and that is why I strongly support her.

Plymouth Canton School Board President Anupam Chugh Sidhu'

"As an educator, parent, and Canton resident, I fully support Anne Marie for Supervisor. She is dedicated and committed to advancing opportunities for children and our community as a whole. She has been actively involved in our township as a trustee, planning commissioner, and mom, along with being an incredible leader in STEM. Her vision will ensure we develop in a smart and measured way while protecting our natural beauty. I look forward to seeing Canton move forward with Anne Marie’s leadership as Supervisor"

Past Plymouth Canton School Board President Kate Borninski

“I’m proud to support Anne Marie for Supervisor. Many years ago, when we were living in Japan for my husband’s job, he and Anne Marie worked together on a joint project with Ford Motor Company. Now, reacquainted years later, I have seen Anne Marie work throughout Canton to make it a more caring place for all, especially our kids and seniors. As Gandhi said, 'the true measure of any society can be found in how it treats its most vulnerable members.' Anne Marie always considers these vulnerable members of our community when making decisions.”

Canton Trustee Sommer Foster

"For over a decade, I’ve watched Anne Marie challenge business as usual in Canton. She fought for ethics reform before she was elected, and as a trustee she helped write our new ethics ordinance. She’s worked to bring the us together through her work with the Interfaith Community, and as a trustee, she fought to bring new voices to our boards and commissions. Her experience in engineering is why she led our technology committee, and as an expert in sustainability, she is outspoken when it comes to protecting our natural resources. Anne Marie is committed to Canton’s future, and that’s why I support her for Supervisor."

Canton Clerk Michael Siegrist

"Anne Marie brings her technical expertise and engineering background to her role as a township trustee and as the board representative on the planning commission. As Canton Township grows exponentially in population and development, she is at the vanguard, ensuring we embrace economic trends to create a 21st century community"

MEA - Michigan Education Association

Thank you to the men and women of the Michigan Education Association for their endorsement! One of the MEA's missions is to improve the quality of life for all. That's how we build strong communities together! I am looking forward to working together!

Canton Trustee Steven Sneideman

"I proudly endorse Anne Marie for Canton Supervisor. In the more than 12 years that I have known her she has worked in all aspects of our community including our schools, our community government, as a voice for people of all backgrounds, as a technologist and as a resident, wife and parent. Anne Marie has the skills and vision for Canton as it grows into a 21st century city including the importance of technology, ensuring quality of life, our environment and equal opportunity for all. Please join me in supporting Anne Marie for Canton Township Supervisor in 2020."

Chandru and Smita Acharya Michigan Asian Pacific NAPAC Commission

AnneMarie is a tall leader of the Plymouth Canton Community. She is passionate to serve and leads through positive engagement. It is a pleasure to know her as a good human being and friend who stands by you in times of need. Annemarie is a visionary leader and dear friend. She is passionate about serving the community and is not afraid of taking a stand on issues that matter.She truly cares for diverse voices and cares for all.

Michigan Regional Council of Carpenters

Thank you to the men and women of the Michigan Regional Council of Carpenters and Millwrights for their endorsement! The Michigan Regional Council of Carpenters and Millwrights represents 14,000 carpenters and millwrights across the state of Michigan. Their member carpenters help build diverse projects, large and small, residential and commercial. Union millwrights work with precision machinery, installing and maintaining everything from conveyor systems to turbines and generators. Thank you for building America!

State Senator Stephanie Chang

"I am proud to endorse Anne Marie Graham-Hudak for Canton Supervisor. I grew up in Canton and attended Plymouth-Canton schools as the community was becoming more diverse. I know the importance of bringing together people of different racial and ethnic backgrounds. I have known Anne Marie for more than ten years and know her passion for addressing social injustices, building unity, and helping her fellow community members. Anne Marie is a proven leader and the best candidate to move Canton forward as a stronger community." State Senator Stephanie Chang, Senate District 1

AFSCME Council 25

Thank you to the men and women of Michigan's AFSCME Council 25 for their endorsement! Michigan AFSCME represents 50,000 active and retired members and their families across the State. They represent many public service employees across the state and nation. They all have one thing in common a dedication to making our communities stronger, healthier, and safer...through fairness in the workplace, safety on the job, fair wages, good benefits, a secure retirement and excellence in public services. This is how you keep communities strong!

UAW Region 1A

Thank you to the men and women of the UAW REGION 1A for their endorsement. As a fourth generation auto worker, I honor the roots of union benefits that supported my family.

IBEW Local 58

***Campaign Alert*** Thank you to the men and women of the IBEW Local 58 - Detroit - International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers for their endorsement! The IBEW represents nearly 750,000 workers and retirees. My father was an electrician for Dodge and I know how hard they work for their families and community!

Dr. Syed Taj, Community Leader, past-Canton Trustee

"I endorse Anne Marie for Supervisor because she has consistently demonstrated that she represents all of Canton's residents through her community advocacy. She has done this through her work as Trustee and and since before I met her in 2008. Her work in STEM also shows she has the technical expertise to utilize technology to serve Canton residents into the future."

State Representative Matt Koleszar

Anne Marie's passion for moving Canton forward and continuing down a path of making sure Canton is a welcoming, inclusive, destination community where people come to raise their families make her the ideal choice for Canton Supervisor and I wholeheartedly endorse her.

Jane Pandit Canton Library Board Treasurer

Anne Marie is someone who deeply cares about our community. She is involved and invested in Canton. She will be a welcome, positive change.

Emily Wang, Community Member

I strongly believe that Anne Marie will be perfect as Canton Supervisor. I believe she will be able to bring real positive changes with the ability to implement them effectively. I have seen many of her hard work and involvements over the years. Her personality and sincerity are just amazing. I truly believe that she will take us further in our goals.

The Sierra Club Michigan Chapter

Thank you for the Sierra Club Michigan Chapter​ endorsement! #MovingCantonForwardTogether means a cleaner green environment now and into the future in everything we do and plan! Doing more outdoors will help to make our community a healthier place to live! The Sierra Club champions solutions to the climate crisis. They work for clean air, safe water, land protection, and a vibrant natural world. They also fight for environmental and social justice and getting people outside to enjoy the outdoors.

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