Moving Canton Forward


I’ve held many titles through the years. Canton Supervisor, Canton Trustee. Canton Planning Commissioner. MBA graduate. Electrical Engineer at Ford Motor Company. Business entrepreneur. STEM Instructor. Interfaith group coordinator. Community outreach organizer. Director on Board LWV. Activist for diversity, inclusion, ethics, transparency. However, my most important roles would be mother of four, grandmother and your neighbor for over 25 years.


Along the way, I’ve learned the lessons that only come from direct experience when you roll up your sleeves and work with your community. That most of us want the same things in life. That honesty, empathy, diversity and kindness make the world a better place. That technology, along with optimism and creativity can solve a lot of problems. That the best leaders are followed, not feared. And that if you want to work with people, listening is way better than talking.


My background is in electrical engineering so I’m a linear thinker. I like taking an analytical path to solving problems – especially when there are a lot of interconnected parts. But I’m also a very passionate person when it comes to ethics, equality, fairness and openness. I think this blend of objectivity and principle makes me both strong and unique. Here’s where I stand on a few of the big issues when it comes to moving Canton Forward into the 21st Century. I will continue to use my experience as an engineer and background in the automotive industry to innovate our township services. There’s more to come in the future. If you have any specific questions, please email me at

21st Century Sustainability

I will work to... utilize partnerships and available grants to replace older diesel equipment; use LEED building techniques and sustainable materials on buildings; push for renewable energy to power our community; ensure recycling that works far into our future; create a permanent Environmental Committee which focuses on practical solutions to preserve green space in our township.

21st Century Infrastructure

I believe in... bringing smart infrastructure technology to Ford Rd and Michigan Ave; utilizing advanced technology to reduce congestion and traffic accidents; increasing transportation options to keep residents safe; establishing a permanent Technology Committee.

21st Century Partnerships

I support... creating a high-tech corridor on Michigan Avenue; developing funding models for smart infrastructure and targeted economic development; public safety partnerships to combat suicide and opioid overdoses; an internship program to stop the brain drain and offer new opportunities for our youth.

21st Century Community

I stand for... building bonds between our diverse ethnic, religious, and cultural communities; holding elected officials accountable for their actions; working on accessibility through a connected and walkable community plan.